Junior Volunteer Coach

  • Junior Volunteer Qualifications and Policy

    Policy: Who can become a Junior Volunteer? Active members* of the First Tee who fulfill all of the requirements set forth in the policy below . Non enrolled (active) high school students may serve as Junior volunteers performing limited community service duties such as helping at events, clinics with supervision, clerical assistance and so forth with the prior approval of the Executive Director/Program Director. Purpose/Benefits: To insure that all Junior Volunteers meet consistent qualifications creating the highest quality Junior Volunteer Leadership, through a “hands on experience” The First Tee of CV is equipping our youth to better prepare themselves for college placement and the workplace. Responsible Party: Volunteer Coordinator after review by recognized TFT Coach Procedure: Candidate must be or become an active member* of The First Tee of Central Valley. Candidate must be at least 13 years old unless approved by TFT Coach. Candidate must be at least Par Certified. Potential Junior Volunteer must sign and complete the Junior Volunteer Application and their Parent/Legal Guardian must also sign Application and return to the Volunteer Coordinator. Potential Volunteer must attend a 2 hour Volunteer Orientation and shadow Volunteer Coach. Upon completion of all the above, the candidate will qualify as The First Tee Junior Volunteer. *An Active Member is a youth whose membership is current and is attending clinics at TFTCV. Non- active members may perform limited community service assignments but must still attend a Volunteer training session and cannot assist at First Tee clinics until this orientation is concluded. Pursuant to my participation as a Junior Volunteer, I recognize that there are risks and possible injuries that one may sustain through such participation, including, but not limited to the following: Being struck by a golf club or golf ball Collision with a golf cart or other vehicle Falling due to terrain Injuries arising from sports, physical exertion, or activities Injuries arising from lightning, heat, cold, rain or other weather related factors Any other injuries or damages I may sustain as a volunteer. In return for being permitted to participate as a Junior Volunteer I assume all risks associated with my participation and agree, release, waive, hold harmless, and agree not to make a claim against or sue The First Tee of Central Valley and Del Rio CC Foundation, or any of it’s employees, agents, or volunteers, on account of injury or damages resulting from my participation as a Junior Volunteer. My signature below indicates my acknowledgement that the Del Rio CC Foundation, may engage in a background check including, but not limited to, reference checks, and interviews with parents and teachers. My signature also confirms that I understand that my Junior Volunteer position is not guaranteed, nor if granted, guaranteed for any length of time. I agree to comply with The First Tee Code of Conduct and that I will model the Nine Core Values at the golf course, home and at school. Participant Agreement: I have carefully read the policy that follows, fully understand its content and willingly indicate my agreement.
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  • Parent or legal guardian Release

    I am the parent or legal guardian of Applicant and I authorize and consent to Applicant participating as a Junior Volunteer, agreeing to the terms, rules and regulations of participating as a Junior Volunteer, and releasing The First Tee of Central Valley as set forth below. I agree that the above child’s participation in The First Tee of Central Valley and activities of First Tee programs, is without the assumption of liability of any nature by The First Tee and it’s employees, staff, board members or volunteers, any golf course or driving range or any other facility where the program activities are conducted, including transportation. I do hereby release and discharge the above mentioned individuals and entities from any and all claims my child may suffer or sustain, directly or indirectly, in connection with any such participation and activities.
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