Spring 2021 Registration for

St. Stanislaus and River Oaks is now OPEN!

Other location registration will open later this month


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Playbook & Guidelines for Junior Golf  Programs


Membership & Program Levels

Youth On Course (YOC) Memberships are INCLUDED in registration price for ages 7-17 (PLAYer level and up).

New or Returning? Ages Certification Level 9 Weeks
New & Returning 5-6 PeeWee Club*** $65
New & Returning 7**-17 PLAYer Club (younger & older) $80
Returning* 8-17 Par Club $95
Returning* 10-17 Birdie Club $110
Returning* 12-17 Eagle Club $125
Returning* 14-17 Ace $125

*Must certify from previous level to move to next level. New participants will begin at PeeWee or PLAYer depending on age.                                                          **Must be at least 7 years of age to begin the PLAYer level.                                                                                                                                                                                            ***First Tee (on an international level) begins at the PLAYer level (age 7). We offer PeeWee Club for our youngest participants who just can’t wait!